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Written by Steamranger at 2023-09-14 23:45:54:

Hello, World!

Written by Steamranger at 2023-09-21 08:29:36:

The following is a list of improvements that I want to make on this website:
1. I want to get HTTPS working
2. I want to improve the server infrastructure, move it over to Arch Linux and onto a powerful PC virtual machine (Currently it's on an old laptop)
3. Add more functionality, like file hosting
4. Make everything look a bit more modern

I wonder if anyone will read this.

Written by Steamranger at 2023-09-21 08:30:29:

I posted that last message from another old laptop, an Acer Travelmate 4200.
If you google it barely anything comes up, but suffice to say it has a single thread CPU and 512MB of RAM.

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